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BCA auctions and services are reserved to professionals in the Automotive sector.
This means you can register only if you are a professional and your business includes trading vehicles, as declared in the Company's Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

Please use the Italian registration form
Italian companies have to register using a dedicated Registration form.
Company information
Please enter here information about the Company you want to register. You'll be asked below, in the Required Attachments section, to provide a copy of the Company's Chamber of Commerce Certificate or equivalent document.

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Please review our Privacy Policy. Submitting this form you implicitly accept it as it's only possible way we can process your request and provide you our services.
Required Attachments
To complete your registration submission you have to provide the documents listed below. You can attach them now or you can choose to send them later via email to EURegistration_IT@bca.com. Please be aware that your submission won't be accepted until you provide all the required attachments.

Attention! We strictly require complete documents with all the pages and scans front and back of Identity Documents along with clear photo of the person. PDF documents only. For this reason photos of documents, screenshots, single pages of multi-page certificates of incorporation, single sides of identity documents are not allowed.

File attachments size must not exceed 20MB total. For larger files please select the "I will send attachments later on" option and please contact us beforehand at the email address above.

  • Company's Chamber of Commerce certificate or equivalent document
  • Identity document of the Legal Representative stated above